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Maui Lavender and Botanicals

With their lavender farm situated on the cinder-covered slopes of Mount Haleakala, Maui Lavender has ventured into the cultivation of lavender and the manufacture of organic products. The location is ideal for the growth of lavender plants due to its high elevation, rocky soil, and minimal water. Maui Lavender is making the most of the distinct location of their lavender farm, being the only farm that grows lavender on an extinct volcano. The lavenders make an attractive blanket of blue-violet flowers on the sides of the mountain, filling the area with its fragrant smell.

Visitors and tourists can enjoy and appreciate this fairly new agricultural feature of the island. The walking garden of this lavender farm is open to all people who want to experience the beauty of lavenders up close. The lavender farm and its products provide a wonderful opportunity to enhance and increase tourism in the island. In contrast to the usual retail malls, Maui Lavender allows visitors to experience a cozy and intimate tour of the place while introducing their core product.

Maui Lavender and Botanicals are showcasing lavender-based, high-quality products such as essential oils, soaps, lotions, perfumes, and potpourri. They offer a wide array of product lines for aromatherapy, spa and bath products, and dried flowers. Various product lines are available for every skin type and each product line is wrapped in attractive and exquisite packaging. Moreover, their list of lavender products does not end there. Maui Lavender has been planning to expand this venture to a much wider assortment of lavender products for the consumers.

Maui Lavender and Botanicals Contact Information:
Phone: (808) 250-2284

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