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Lavender-n-thingsLavender-n-Things offer lavender-based products that are individually made in Hawaii. From culinary products to bath products, Lavender-n-Things are proud to say that their products are made from the finest, organic ingredients that are manufactured in Hawaii. They offer culinary products, spa and bath products, and home fragrances, all of which contain the soothing and sweet-scented lavender.

Adding a dash of Hawaii lavender in your cooking certainly makes a whole lot of difference. It can relieve dizziness and can ease headaches as well as enhancing the flavor of the food. Lavender-n-Things provides a wide array of culinary lavender products that clients can choose from. They offer dry mixes for cookies and scones that are easy to whip up in the kitchen. Gourmet lavender teas are also available for those relaxing afternoon teas. If you want to have that distinctive lavender taste in your dishes, just add a pinch of the lavender seasoning. For free lavender recipes, just access their website and you are given a list of lavender dishes. Clients can also acquire their own lavender gourmet cards.

You can experience aromatherapy at its best with the Hawaii Lavender Home Fragrances products of Lavender-n-Things. They have lavender-scented candles, sprays, and sachet that could soothe your mind and body. The candles are delicately handcrafted adhering to the high standards of Hawaii and specially formulated to have a clean and bright burn. Lighting a lavender-scented candle will certainly brighten up a room with that calming scent filling up the space.

Lavender-n-Things also offer lavender-based Spa and Bath products which are available for every skin type. Just choose the product suited for you and it will leave your skin moisturized and glowing. On the whole, Lavender-n-Things offer a variety of Hawaii lavender products that are available for home use or as gifts.

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FAX 866-442-3362

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