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Cultivating Lavender In Hawaii

Lavender is a perennial plant that is a favorite of most gardeners. Aside from its sweet and calming scent, this flowering sub-shrub is cultivated because of its many uses. Its flowers are used as a flavoring agent in several dishes, added to perfume and potpourri for its fragrance, and are known to relieve stress and insomnia. In fact, the lavender has been used as early as the Roman times for its medicinal properties and aromatic smell.

Lavenders are also great for landscaping. Using lavenders instead of the usual fence would create a quaint border for your house. It could also be combined with other flowering shrubs to put together a kaleidoscope of colors for your garden. Lavenders are easy to grow since they thrive on parched land and do not need much attention. Watering and adding fertilizer would actually hamper the growth of this plant. Lavenders love the sun and alkaline soil, but despise the water. Hence, lavender fields should have good drainage so as not to hold much water. It is also advisable to place lavenders where they can get maximum heat of the sun.

Due to the fact that lavenders are easy to cultivate and are tolerant in dry conditions, Alii Chang decided to grow lavenders in his barren piece of land in Hawaii. That piece of land is now known as Alii Kula Lavender and is considered as the prime lavender farm in Hawaii. The 10-acre field on the mountains of Haleakala is sowed with numerous varieties of lavender. The drought-laden patch of land had the perfect conditions for cultivating lavender and has become a bountiful, picturesque field of lavenders. Alii Kula Lavender has become a local tourist spot and a popular venue for weddings. They have moved on to packaging and marketing lavenders with several beauty products and delectable dishes.

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