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Lavender-n-thingsLavender-n-Things offer lavender-based products that are individually made in Hawaii. From culinary products to bath products, Lavender-n-Things are proud to say that their products are made from the finest, organic ingredients that are manufactured in Hawaii. They offer culinary products, spa and bath products, and home fragrances, all of which contain the soothing and sweet-scented lavender.

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Alii Kula Lavender Farm

Fresh from a garden business, Alii Chang was looking for a plant that could flourish in his parched land. He received a potted lavender plant as a gift and discovered that it could thrive in his land. With the knowledge that lavenders can flourish in Kula’s climate and soil, Alii Chang started his lavender farm in 2001. Today, the Hawaii lavender farm is known as Alii Kula Lavender and has over 45 varieties of lavender grown in a 10-acre land.

The Hawaii lavender farm is strategically located high above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Haleakala. With the radiant sun and minimal water, the lavenders were able to blossom to its full potential and started to increase in number. Thousands of lavenders created a scenic blue-violet bed of flowers on the side of the mountain. This is when tours around the Hawaii lavender farm started to materialize.

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Maui Lavender and Botanicals

With their lavender farm situated on the cinder-covered slopes of Mount Haleakala, Maui Lavender has ventured into the cultivation of lavender and the manufacture of organic products. The location is ideal for the growth of lavender plants due to its high elevation, rocky soil, and minimal water. Maui Lavender is making the most of the distinct location of their lavender farm, being the only farm that grows lavender on an extinct volcano. The lavenders make an attractive blanket of blue-violet flowers on the sides of the mountain, filling the area with its fragrant smell.

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Lavender And Its Uses

Lavenders are fragrant, perennial flowering plants that grow well in the Mediterranean region. This is a drought-resistant type of plant and would thrive in sunny and stony habitat. They grow to about 3-4 feet tall and have lovely blue-violet flowers. This is actually where the color lavender was named after. The fragrant smell comes from its flowers which are arranged in a spiral configuration with 6 to 10 blossoms for each branch.
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Lavender Growing In Hawaii

Most people appreciate lavender for its aromatic smell. Its scent is the main reason why people choose lavender-scented products. However, there is more to lavender than its scent. It has been known that lavender has a wide array of uses. It is used as a topical medicine for insect bites, used as a flavoring agent for food and is even made into tea. Several researches have proven that lavenders are natural skin moisturizers and sleep inducers. Due to this, lavenders are mixed with beauty products, such as body lotions and soap.
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Cultivating Lavender In Hawaii

Lavender is a perennial plant that is a favorite of most gardeners. Aside from its sweet and calming scent, this flowering sub-shrub is cultivated because of its many uses. Its flowers are used as a flavoring agent in several dishes, added to perfume and potpourri for its fragrance, and are known to relieve stress and insomnia. In fact, the lavender has been used as early as the Roman times for its medicinal properties and aromatic smell.
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